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Medical Appraisal (including Consultants, Academics and Hospital Specialty Doctors)

Appraisal & Revalidation

Below you will find Appraisal and Revalidation details for non-trainee medical staff (excluding GPs).


The SOAR (Scottish Online Appraisal Resource) online database is being introduced for those doing appraisals in 2012/13 for Doctors in Secondary Care. This database is already used for all appraisals in Primary Care in NHS Grampian.


Appraisees will be responsible for initiating their own annual appraisal, completing the following steps:

  • Logging and checking their details are complete in SOAR; in particular your appraiser assignment
  • Gathering all relevant data having regard to the minimum evidence required for appraisal
  • Allowing a minimum of 4 weeks notice to give adequate time for the appraiser to prepare for the appraisal discussion
  • Completing all of the appraisal documentation
  • Arranging the appraisal meeting with their appraiser who books this in on SOAR
  • Agree the final version of the Form 4 for submission to the Chief Executive using SOAR
  • This process must be undertaken annually to comply with GMC Revalidation requirements

There is a useful Link opens in new windowSOAR training guide for Appraisees available.


Appraisers will be responsible for:

  • Logging in and checking their details are complete in SOAR; in particular the assignment of their appraisees
  • Booking the appraisal meeting in on SOAR
  • Conducting the appraisal meeting
  • Ensuring all appraisal documentation is completed
  • Agreeing Form 4 content with appraisees using SOAR

There is a useful  Link opens in new window SOAR training guide for Appraisers available.

If you are interested in becoming an Appraiser there is a national training course available via NES. The Application form and the Equal Opportunities form are available on request from Joyce.McCrae@nes.scot.nhs.uk. You must ensure that your Line Manager and Appraisal Lead are aware of your interest before submitting your application forms.

SOAR Information

  • Login Link opens in new windowhere
  • Register as a new user or unlock account Link opens in new windowhere
  • Using SOAR Quick Guide Link opens in new windowhere
  • SOAR introduction for Secondary Care users Link opens in new windowhere
  • Appraisee guide to using SOAR Link opens in new windowhere
  • Appraiser guide to using SOAR Link opens in new windowhere

Training in the use of SOAR can also be provided direct to your PC, please Link opens in new windowclick here for the latest training sessions available.

We would prefer if all staff now use SOAR for conducting their appraisal process, but there is still a paper version available by contacting grampian.appraisal@nhs.net.

Satisfaction Questionnaires

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) Documentation

Please contact msf@nes.scot.nhs.uk to arrange a link to the NHS Scotland online colleague bases MSF. Alternatively you may use the Link opens in new windowGMC Colleague Questionnaire.

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) Documentation

Please use the Link opens in new windowGMC Patient Questionnaire.

At the moment feedback from questionnaires should be discussed during appraisal. If this is not appropriate please contact grampian.appraisal@nhs.net.

Guidance Notes

Annual Reports

Useful Information and Links


Job Planning documents can be found on the HR intranet site and any queries should be directed to nhsg.jobplan@nhs.net.

For further information on Medical workforce updates see Link opens in new windowThe Medical Safe and Affordable Workforce intranet site.


Consultant Appraisal