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Managing our finances

NHS Grampian receives funding every year from the Scottish Government to provide health and healthcare services for the population of Grampian.

We have an excellent track record in providing high-quality services.

Year on year the people of Grampian have growing expectations of their health and health care services. There are ever-increasing demands for health care and the cost of providing the care is increasing significantly.

NHS Grampian cannot spend money it does not have and must secure services for Grampian residents within its allocated budget. This means that our financial position over the next few years will continue to be extremely challenging.

Difficult choices will have to be made, we must work together with our staff, partner organisations and our public to address the challenges we face.

Link opens in new windowPublic Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010: Duties on public bodies to provide information

NHS Grampian Annual Accounts

NHS Grampian Endowments Accounts