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Information for Carers

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  • Information for Carers
Throughout Grampian, over 40,000 people provide unpaid care for relatives, neighbours and friends. Three out of every five of us will take on a caring role at some point in our lives. While fulfilling their invaluable role, the needs of carers themselves for support and for information may all-too-easily remain hidden. The importance and benefits of recognising and meeting these needs cannot be underestimated. 
The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 is a key piece of new legislation that promises to 'promote, defend and extend the rights' of adult and young carers across Scotland.  The Bill (the draft legislation) progressed through parliament from 2015-2017 and the Act will become law on 1st April 2018.  The Link opens in new windowShared Care Scotland website has information about this legislation.

Support information leaflet for carers

Do you look after someone? If you do, then you are a carer and Link opens in new windowthis leaflet (pdf) may be helpful to you.

Are you a male carer? Details of a support group can be found in Link opens in new windowthis leaflet (pdf).

A leaflet has been developed that offers advice on Link opens in new windowtaking care of your back while carrying out your caring role.

Support for Carers in Aberdeen City

The VSA Carers Service Aberdeen, located on Castle Street, offers advice, information and support on all aspects of caring directly to carers. The Centre is part of the Princess Royal Trust network.  Further information is available at Link opens in new windowthis link.

Support for Carers in Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire Council have provided information on their website that offers information and advice on how you can get help for yourself, if you care for someone, or for the person you are caring for.  Further information is avaialble Link opens in new windowat this link.

Aberdeenshire Unpaid Carer Information Pack

Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership have launched an unpaid carers information pack (pdf). This is for adult and young (under the age of 16) unpaid carers who care for someone who may not be able to care for themselves.

This document contains information that unpaid carers in Aberdeenshire and professionals working with carers, said they would find useful to have all in one place.

The pack can be downloaded from the Aberdeenshire Council website.

If you'd like to give feedback, make any comments, queries or suggestions about the pack or about the future of unpaid carer support in Aberdeenshire, please e-mail carersupport@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.

Support for Carers in Moray

Quarriers is the commissioned service from Moray Council to provide support to all unpaid carers in Moray.  Further information is available within the Link opens in new windowDr Gray's Hospital pages on the NHS Grampian website.