NHS Research Scotland Permissions Coordinating Centre


All information we think commercial researchers need to know in order to successfully submit an R&D permission application to Scotland and achieve a fast permission timeline for Scottish sites, has been brought together here in one place.

The drop-down sections within the Commercial tab together cover:

  • consideration of and options for confidentiality agreements (CDAs)
  • feasibility assessment service
  • process options for obtaining R&D permission for multicentre research
  • list of documentation required for submission
  • links to Scottish model contracts
  • hints and tips as to how you as an applicant can help speed up the process
  • benefits of using NRS Permissions CC / NRS Performance metrics
We really recommend you bring your multicentre projects through the NRS Permissions CC, to achieve an efficient and consistent R&D permission experience, with added life-cycle benefits. Our final section reminds you of the benefits of using this coordinated system, and shares NRS commercial performance metrics to date.

If there is anything else you would like to see included, please send an email with your suggestions to nhsg.NRSPCC@nhs.net

The team in the Permissions CC office are always happy to help you with your queries, so please do call us if you have any questions about the process or the submission documents.